The Jaunters

Session 1: The Town
In Which Our Adventurers Put Out A Fire
Session 2: The Fire Dungeon
In Which Our Adventurers Get A Library Card
Session 3: The Blazewyrm
In Which Our Adventurers Find A Hero Amongst Themselves
Session 4: The Job
In Which Our Adventurers Become Petty Criminals
Session 5: The Bandit Hideout
In Which Our Adventurers Make Some Really Bad Decisions
Session 6: The Verdict
In Which Our Adventurers Become Adventurers, Esq.
Session 7: The Lonely Tower
In Which Our Adventurers Start A Fire

After the party returned to Fountainhead, they happened upon another adventurer, Hector the Well-Endowed, a Genasi warden. Hector joined the party and was brought up to speed on where the party stands currently. Yolo Swaggins suggested that the party try to use The Bracelet, and activate the runes they found in the cave after defeating the wyrmling. He said that since there were not much information to go on, it was the party’s best option.

The party joined hands and Tu’Pak activated The Bracelet and aligned the bracelet according to the runes he saw and recorded in the cave. A soft green glow appeared around the party and then became a brilliant green light. The party was no longer in Fountainhead but rather in the top room of a most curious tower. The party members found themselves in a small room with arrow slits on all 4 walls. A dilapidated desk and matted rug being the only things that adorned this stone room. Peering out of the slits, the members judged that they were about sixty feet up. They had no idea where they had teleported to but grassland spread out in all directions, its lush green hills marred by ruins of other buildings. Not a even a vague skeleton of the buildings remained but rather small piles of stone and rubble worn smooth by the weather and nature.

Searching the room, Hector found a note left by Wade. The note detailed the progress Wade had made so far in discovering its purpose. According to the note, the first two runes would correspond to a location. The third rune’s purpose is unknown and the fourth rune seems to be some sort of counter, as each time Wade had used the bracelet, the dial spun down. He also noted that the dial had never once spun up when he had used it. Wade also mentioned, in passing, that the tower the party was in most likely belonged to cultists and that he would lay traps to hold them off. Hector folded up the note and tucked it away, while the party searched for a safe way down. Yolo suggested using The Bracelet to teleport out of the room as that is how they got in. Upon further inspection, Hector found a trap door under the rug. Tu’Pak lifted the wooden door and peered down.

The room was dark and windowless. The light from the party’s room reveled a rope ladder attached to the trap door. Dropping a torch down the hatch, the party found the bottom and made their descent. Upon reaching the bottom, the party found the remains of cultists, most likely the ones mentioned in Wade’s note. Hector was able to spot Wade’s traps easily as they were probably made in a rush. The party found a small side room with a lever in it. Upon pulling the lever, the party found out that it lit magic torches lining the walls of the room. The party descended a staircase leading to the room below.

Walking down the staircase, the party noticed two barrels, leaking a black substance onto the floor. The substance, a thick, sticky mess had leaked onto half of the room. Yolo assumed that the black substance was tar and very flammable. Coming from the room below, loud chanting bellowed up the staircase. The party made preparations for an ambush. Hector would lure the cultists upstairs and when the time was right, Tu’Pak would throw the lever lighting the torches and igniting the substance on the floor.

Hector got the cultists’ attention and ran up the stairs. After clearing the tar, he turned and readied his longsword. The nine cultists poured out of the doorway ignoring the tar on the ground. Tu’Pak threw the switch and the room lit up with magical fire. However, none of it lit the tar. Thinking quickly, Tu’Pak called for his axe to ignite and he struck the tar, setting the room ablaze. The cultists were engulfed in flames but did not perish in them. Yolo quickly fired off a bolt of chaotic energy and was able to channel the energy through most of the cultists. None fell but a few were severely wounded. Bri-N followed up with an arcane attack of his own, cursing and blasting a cultist with an Eldritch bolt. The cultist crumpled from the attack and died, his life force absorbed by Bri-N. The cultists emerged through the roaring flames, the leader chanting a hymn to protect them.

The leader was a hulk of a man at nearly seven feet tall. His muscles bulged through his robes and the fire reflected off of the sweat on his chiseled face gleaming like thousands of rubies in the night. He tried to strike Hector, his muscles tightened, the very fibers grew taut under his bronze skin. However, he did not strike true and only glanced Hector. His eyes revealed that his passion was not for combat, but love and he felt sorrow for striking such a beautiful creature.

The cultists flew upon Tu’Pak and Hector, slashing and firing stones from their slings. The fiery melee eventually fell int he party’s favor as one by one, the cultists were defeated. Only three remained now. The party dealt blow after blow to the leader and eventually he knew he would die. He grew enraged that these strangers would be the end of him and went into a flurry. He was able to land some strikes on Hector, bloodying him. Hector returned with a thrust from his longsword and it slid through the robes of the cultists’ leader. The sword emerged on the other side of him, blood covering the polished metal underneath. The leader slid off of Hector’s blade and fell dead on the ground. The remaining cultists began to flee. The let their guard down for a moment and one was run down by a slice and a chop to the back from Hector and Tu’Pak. The last cultist ran down the staircase with Bri-N on his heels. As Bri-N rounded the corner from the spiral staircase, he fired off a bolt of eldritch energy and landed it square in the cultist’s back. His flesh was blown out of his chest and he tumbled to the ground, dust rising up each time he fell upon it.

The encounter was won, and among the spoils, a sealed document on the cult leader’s body.

Session 8: The Clone
In Which Our Adventurers Insult a Government Official

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